Phishing Email Testing

In 2020, about 94% of malware was delivered by email, and 65% of groups used spear-phishing as the primary infection vector. That's why here at Panoramic InfoSec we separate our Phishing Email service from our other Penetration Testing Service. This service can be a one-time, monthly, quarterly, or yearly service. We also provide three different levels of this service:

Level 01

Company-Wide Phishing Emails

This is where we generate a generic phishing email to send out company-wide. The email will have a "malicious" link that sends an email back to our servers with their email to report back to you. We also offer where if the link was clicked then they will be redirected to our training to begin.

Level 02

Whale-Phishing / Leadership Phishing Attempts

Whale Phishing is where leaders that hold sensitive data or have higher privileges are tested. This will help your leadership better recognize these threats and educate your company. This also will give you the assurance that your most precious data is protected. The email is sent with links that can do the same actions as the above.

Level 03

Spear-Phishing / Targeted Phishing

Spear-Phishing is where we utilize Social Engineering to target specific individuals. We create emails that we believe the reader will open and click on the link as we design the email based on our research of the person. This is the most commonly used by malicious attackers. Therefore, this is the best to utilize for practice. The link does the same actions as the above two.