Incident Response

Cyberattacks happen, that's the world we live in nowadays. When it does happen, is your company ready to respond? Are you ready to bounce back? That's why we are here to help. We have three main things we focus on during Incident Response:



First, we identify the issue at hand. Whether it is Malware, SQL Injection, Denial of Service, etc. This helps us develop our gameplan and start moving onto the next steps.



This is where we differ from other Cybersecurity Incident Response companies. We don't just wipe the virus away and call it a day. We find the 5 W's (Who, What, When, Where, and Why) and How? This helps us assure that it will not happen again and those responsible are known. This gives us a better understanding why your company was a target in the first place and helps us remediate that as well.



After we Identify the issue and conduct our Forensics, it is then time to wipe the virus from your systems. As we do this we do this in a very curated approach to assure that no files or systems are corrupted. We then fix the issues where the attackers were able to get in, therefore eliminating that option in the future.