Blue Team Services


Active Directory and Networking Assessment 

We will review your company's Active Directory focusing on vulnerabilities, privacy concerns, best practice alignment, and possible improvements.  After the assessment, we will provide our recommended adjustments to the architecture to provide the best overall security and Active Directory Environment.


Purple Teaming Services

This is where your team and our teamwork together for some hands-on training. We will have our team (The Red Team) conduct Red Team Engagements in front of your team and members of our team (The Blue Team) who defend against the other team's attacks. This is called Purple Teaming, we train your team to defend themselves right in the lion's den.


Expert Support Team

There's a lot that goes into Cybersecurity and technology as a whole. That's why if you have a question in regards to your Cybersecurity, then we have answers. 

The second part of our support team is post-incident support. We are here to help augment your staff temporarily during this incident.